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It’s About Time

Get complete access to unparalleled alternative historical financial data.

Video Source: Growth X 200 by State Street. Visualizations were made with data provided by Global Financial Data

Global Financial Data is a premiere source of alternative and core data for the world’s top financial and academic institutions.

Exclusive to our Institutional Clients:

Alternative Historical Financial Data

Our platform GFD Finaeon brings undiscovered data from non-traditional publishers to investors seeking unique, predictive insights. We leverage exclusive relationships to deliver these alpha-generating datasets to our customers.


Data Available to Everyone:

Core Economic Data

GFD Finaeon delivers market data from hundreds of sources via API, or directly into Python, R, Excel and many other tools. Save time and money by getting the data you need in the format you want.


Our data empowers our clients in both the private and public sectors to solve for a wide array of needs in their respective fields.

GFD Finaeon, our data platform, works for our clients worldwide to help them gain an advantage in:

  • Conducting Independent Analysis
  • Identifying Market Cycles
  • Researching, Formulating, and Testing Theories
  • Creating Reliable Forecasting Models
  • Building Superior Business Models
  • and more…

With GFD Finaeon by Global Financial Data, our clients can be sure their reports and analysis are using the most comprehensive historical economic and financial database available to meet all of their institutional needs.

Commercial Access

Investment professionals and analysts depend on Global Financial Data to build models that have been tested against decades, and even centuries, of market data so they can anticipate how markets will move with confidence.

Academic Access

Professors and students worldwide have looked to Global Financial Data as the Gold Standard for research that is used to test theories, publish educational books, and write articles for publication in academic journals.

We are a Global Data provider with a Global Reach:

Global Markets Covered

Global Indicies from

Countries served by GFD

Times GFD has been featured in news and academic articles

Trusted names rely on our data:

Major Media Global Financial Data has been featured in:

What our clients say:

“The historical database at Global Financial Data is essential to our research process.”

Mebane Faber
Chief Investment Officer, Cambria Investment Management

“Using data from Global Financial Data back to 1857, we conduct - possibly – the longest backtest of systematic bond strategies”

Equities Global Quantitative

Start your trial account today for access to the Dow 30 and see the benefits of using Finaeon for your research and analysis.

Learn more about what our data can do for you today!


REQUEST A DEMO with a GFD Finaeon Specialist

For over 25 years Global Financial Data has been providing alternative historical economic and financial data that can't be found anywhere else. Use our demo request form to schedule a demo and find out more about how GFD Finaeon can meet your institutional needs.

GFD Insights

Investors and the French Revolution

Most people know the basic story of the French Revolution.  France’s aid to the United States indebted the nation leading to new taxes that fed a revolt against the king and the aristocracy. The Estates General was convened in May 1789, and on July 14,...

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Events in Time Anniversaries: April 2019

4/9/2019 - 25 years ago: April 1994 S&P 500: 450.91 (vs. 2867.24 in 04/2019) 10-year U.S. Government Bond Yield: 7.06% (vs. 2.52% in 04/2019) Gold: $376.45 (vs. $1293.50 in 04/2019) Oil: $16.915 (vs. $61.59 in 04/2019) GBP/USD: 1.4835 (vs. 1.309 in 03/2019) US...

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Romanian Stocks Before World War II

Global Financial Data has the most extensive database on historical stocks available anywhere in the world.  GFD has collected data on stocks that listed on the London Stock Exchange from the 1600s until 2018.  London was the financial center of the world until World...

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